Mattress Protectors

Mattress/Topper Protector

The microCloud waterproof Mattress and Topper Protector has been expertly designed to ensure your bed has the maximum level of protection without compromising your comfort. This protector will safeguard your mattress or topper investment.

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microCloud's innovative combination to repel spills and stains

The microCloud Mattress Protector is the perfect barrier to ensure your bed is well protected from unwanted damage and grime.

The team at microCloud have created a unique combination of layers to prevent spills and stains damaging your mattress. The top surface is a cotton towelling membrane with excellent absorbent qualities to easily wick away moisture. The second critical element of the protector is the smooth film backing, commonly found in ski-wear, which will repel spills. This absorbent plus repellent combination fights off spillages superbly.

Your comfort is not sacrificed

One of the key design criteria was to ensure that the guest would not feel the protector on the bed. microCloud have mastered this brief, ensuring no interference with your sleeping comfort. The protector has a smooth cotton towelling sleeping surface, rather than a quilted pattern, it employs no-noise technology and is breathable; all to ensure you have a comfortable night's sleep.

Commercial quality

Backed with a 3-year warranty, our protector is designed to 5-star hotel quality standards. It is commercially wash and tumble dry tested with no shrinkage. The deep stretch skirt ensures it fits mattresses of all depths and eliminates the chance of the protector shifting around or unhinging throughout the night.

It is no wonder that the microCloud protector is on all beds throughout the Oaks Hotels & Resorts properties.

Designed for peace of mind and excellent bed health

You can rest easy knowing that our protector will assist in achieving the most clean and healthy sleep experience for you and your guests. Protection with HealthGuard gives you the ultimate assurance, as it is dust mite resistant, anti-mould and anti-bacteria.



Product information

  • Smooth, pure cotton interface (no quilting) for superior guest comfort
  • Fully fitted, stretch skirt. 40cm depth, maximum stretch approx 48cm

Health Benefits

  • Waterproof for total protection from spills, liquids and accidents
  • Superior protection from dander, dust and grime
  • HealthGuard treated to be dust mite resistant
  • Perfect solution to keep all mattresses and bed toppers in a clean and healthy condition


  • Long-lasting, non-shrink, outstanding value for genuine protection
  • Commercial laundry tested and approved
  • Genuine luxury hotel mattress protector – see some of our clients
  • 3 year warranty


  • Complete size range:  (sizes are approximate)
    • single  91 x 188cm
    • double  137 x 188cm
    • queen  152 x 203cm
    • king  183 x 203cm
    • super king  203 x 203cm
    • king single  107 x 203cm
    • long single  93 x 203cm
  • Weights:  (approximate)
    • single  600 g
    • double  810 g
    • queen  920 g
    • king  1060 g
    • super king  1350 g
    • king single  710 g
    • long single  640 g