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MicroCloud Mattress & Topper Protector

A clean, fresh and healthy mattress is vitally important for the comfort, health and peace of mind of all guests. Protect your mattress or topper investment with a MicroCloud Mattress & Topper Protector.

from  $55

Commercial / trade customers please contact us directly so that we can tailor a package to suit your business.


With its liquid-proof cotton membrane, smooth surface free from quilted pattern, generous and robust fully fitted skirt for a snug fit, the protector has been commercially wash tested and approved and will last long with no shrinkage.

Mattresses protected from this elite 5-star hotel protective cover are kept free from general staining and soiling, dust, skin flakes, dander, dust mites and bed bugs.

The team at MicroCloud extensively researched the mattress protectors commonly used in hundreds of hotels, motels, resorts and B&Bs. Results were astonishing. The commonplace quilted-style of protector had zero capacity to stop liquid spills and accidents. Moreover, many had a high shrinkage rate after laundering and the corner straps lost their elasticity or tore away completely. A vastly improved mattress protector for the accommodation market became one of our top priorities.

Consequently, we invested our resources into creating the ultimate in mattress protectors. Based on our trials and the feedback from hotels who invested in them, we can now confidently claim our superior protectors have one vital benefit – they work superbly.

Invest in a MicroCloud Mattress & Topper Protector for complete peace of mind and let your property have the best chance to receive higher star ratings and a well-deserved good reputation.

This protective cover is ideal for use over a mattress topper, as it will not detract from the comfort but still provide an elite level of protection.



  • Total protection from spills, liquids and accidents
  • Superior protection from dander, dust and grime
  • HealthGuard treated to be dust mite and bed bug resistant
  • Smooth, pure cotton interface (no quilting) for superior guest comfort
  • Fully fitted durable, robust 'stretch & recover' knitted skirt for a perfect snug fit
  • Fits mattresses of all depths
  • Long-lasting, non-shrink, outstanding value for genuine protection
  • Commercial laundry tested and approved
  • Perfect solution to keep all mattresses and bed toppers in a clean and healthy condition
  • Outstanding value
  • 5 year warranty – hotel quality
  • All enquiries welcome


  • Complete size range:  (sizes are approximate)
    • single  91 x 188cm
    • double  137 x 188cm
    • queen  152 x 203cm
    • king  183 x 203cm
    • super king  203 x 203cm
    • king single  107 x 203cm
    • long single  93 x 203cm
  • Weights:  (approximate)
    • single  600 g
    • double  810 g
    • queen  920 g
    • king  1060 g
    • super king  1350 g
    • king single  710 g
    • long single  640 g