Quilt Protectors

microCloud Quilt (Doona, Duvet) Protectors

It is well worth protecting your investment in our top quality quilts, with a quilt protector.

from  $45

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Through research and testing, the team at microCloud have designed a break-through quilt protector that solves the problems inherent in cheap polypropylene protectors. Our protector will not pill, shrink, attract lint or hair, nor melt in tumble dryers and it has a smooth texture which cannot be felt or seen through the quilt covering.

Made from our breathable hi-tech ‘Durasoft’ fabric with superior comfort and high thread count, our quilt protector has a silky smooth surface which is abrasion resistant to rubbing and general wear. Sealed with multiple fasteners that click together, the protector provides a lightweight, breathable and ultra-soft barrier to grime, dust mites, skin flakes and minor spills.

The protector has been commercially wash tested and approved, is long lasting with no shrinkage and is HealthGuard treated to ensure protection against bacteria, moulds and dust mites. Ideal to use when triple sheeting or with quilt covers.

Protect your quilts with a microCloud quilt protector today.


Product information

  • Lightweight, ultra-soft and breathable ‘Durasoft’ fabric (white)
  • Protection against minor spills, but the protector is not liquid proof
  • Closed with fasteners only (not zip closed)

Health Benefits

  • First-class barrier protection against grime, dust mites, skin flakes
  • HealthGuard treated ensuring anti dust mite, non irritant, anti bacteria, anti mould/mildew
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Long lasting protection
  • Non pilling
  • Used successfully by hotels, motels and serviced apartments after extensive testing
  • Genuine luxury hotel quilt protector – see some of our clients
  • Machine washable & tumble dry tested and approved – it will not melt or shrink
  • 3 year warranty


    • single  140 x 210cm
    • double  180 x 210cm
    • queen  210 x 210cm
    • king  240 x 210cm
    • super king  270 x 240cm
  • Weights:  (approximate)
    • single  625 g
    • double  745 g
    • queen  825 g
    • king  925 g
    • super king  1170 g