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Just wanted to say THANKS for the great service the quick delivery and most importantly these beautiful pillows.

I am a frequent guest at The Royce Hotel in Melbourne and have been telling my husband how fantastic the pillows are and he thought I was crazy. We stayed there together last weekend for Valentines Day and your pillows, according to him were "the BEST".

I am not sure I was pleased they were the highlight of our stay BUT we purchased them on Monday and they have since been delivered and we are very happy with our purchase :)

Julie A. Mason, North Ryde, NSW

microCloud; commercial pillows used at Royce Hotel Melbourne
microCloud topper used at 8hotels Pensione Hotel Melbourne

Having just spent 2 nights in bed with your mattress topper at the Pensione Hotel, I would have to say it's the best thing I can recall being in bed with.

Lee J Marshall, WA

I started searching for your website after a recent visit to Perth. We could not believe how comfortable the bed was in our room. The feeling was of a luxury hotel well above what we were paying for. Upon investigating the mattress, it was nothing special - just a normal mattress. The mattress topper transformed the comfort level to something like I imagine sleeping on a cloud would feel. It is hard to describe without sounding like I'm making it up or exaggerating - it's that good.
Working a two week on / two week off roster at a minesite, our sleep and fatigue issues will be improved drastically, I have absolutely no doubt. I have tested mattresses in department stores that cost $6,000 and more that are not as comfortable as this (Micro)Cloud topper.

Bruce Mathers, Western Australia

Luxurious mattress underlay or topper

Now that we've used the mattress toppers and pillows for a while I wanted to provide feedback. We both love it and my husband is sleeping so much better! He often still thanks me for finding it and says it's the best thing yet! He is looking forward to going to sleep and awakes refreshed. It is amazing what a difference it makes. I would highly recommend it for everyone! My daughter is now considering investing in one for her bed as well.

Martie Taljard, Perth, WA

Thank you for the very speedy delivery of our luxurious microCloud mattress topper and pillow.

First of all, we would just like to comment on how wonderful the pillow and topper feel. The first night was honestly the best sleep we have ever had no tossing and turning and I didn't even want to get out of bed in the morning it was so comfy.

I suffer from bursitis in my thigh and its the first time I've been able to comfortably sleep on my side with no pain. Also hubby's back even feels better; this is such an amazing topper.

The feel and quality of the topper and pillow is just so comfortable and it has made our rather firm bed a dream to sleep on.

Once again we would like to thank you for your great service and quality products and we will happily recommend you to our friends and family should they ever be in need of a wonderful night's sleep!

Debbie Alexander,   Ballarat

best luxurious sleep with a mattress topper
microCloud Pillows used at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne

We stayed at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne on the weekend and both my husband and I LOVED the microCloud pillows and we are very fussy about our Pillows.

Lynette Bunn
Berwick, Victoria

Most days when I hit the pillow I fall asleep pretty quickly, this I'm sure has something to do with the way I live my life, full on, though when I fit the microCloud topper the last thing I wanted to do was sleep, I just wanted to lay awake enjoying the comfort and that beautiful feeling of relaxation. I'm a huge fan of a good partnership and I don't believe there is a better pair than the microCloud topper and pillows. As a motivational speaker and elite athlete I know the importance of rest, with microCloud pillows every day I look forward to a comfortable night sleep. Thank you for ensuring I have the best rest possible as I know it will go a long way towards me being able to get the most out of life.

Don Elgin
Paralympic gold medal winner

Don Elgin's 2014 paralympic games training helped by microCloud bedding
microCloud topper - better than woollen underlay

Just a quick note to say I received my topper and pillow this morning. I worked a night shift last night so had the pleasure of sleeping on them both today! They are truly wonderful and totally luxurious. I can’t believe how comfortable they are.
Thank you for the very prompt and professional delivery of the products. It’s really refreshing to work with a business that actually makes quality products and delivers totally professional service. I will be recommending the product to anyone that will listen!

Esther Cohen, QLD

Received my mattress topper on Friday, placed it on my bed, and the last 3 nights have had the soundest sleep since I discovered the mattress topper in accommodation at Brisbane. I actually wake feeling refreshed and ready to face another day with a smile on my face. Amazing product and friendly, efficient service. Many thanks Tony,

Carolyn, Vic

microCloud bedding endorsement from at the SOUND, Noosa

Tony, the microCloud pillows look and feel divine! Many thanks!.

Monica Cannon
at the SOUND, Noosa

We have just stayed at Bells at Killcare and fell in love with your pillows. I had the best night's sleep and found it really hard leaving the pillows behind.

Kerrie Fullbrook, Budgewoi, NSW

Thank you very much for the pillows – I am very pleased with them. They hold their shape so well – big difference from the ones I was buying!

Kaylene Blair

microCloud hotel pillows used at Bells at Killcare
Luxury large pillows at the hotel Sheraton in Geelong

I just wanted to say we stayed at the Sheraton in Geelong on the weekend, and to my surprise for the first time in months, I woke up without a sore neck and headache. After stripping off pillow cases and protectors I found your brand microCloud, and then onto the internet to track you down. I have now just ordered the microCloud pillows, doona and mattress topper from you at a great price, and can not wait till they arrive. Thanks for your wonderful support and look forward to more purchases from you in the future.

Kim, Portland Vic

As guests last night at Hotel 1888 in Pyrmont Sydney, my husband and I had the most blissful night's sleep ever.

The hotel recommended we get in touch, so here I am.
I would like to purchase 4 of your beautiful pillows and 1 sumptuous mattress topper.

Mrs C Bedworth

microCloud toppers used at 1888 Hotel, Sydney
microCloud Hotel Quality Quilt

We purchased a microCloud topper, pillows and quilt approximately a month ago during a Melbourne heatwave. We are thrilled with the quality and comfort levels of our set and even on hot nights we found the bedding comfortable. Having bedding that was fully machine washable and tumble dry friendly was what really set the microCloud bedding ahead of another competitor we were considering who didn't provide this. Thank you to Tony and team, your service was professional and efficient. We would not hesitate to recommend microCloud bedding to all our friends and family members...we are thrilled with our purchase!

Zarina & Norman Ho, Melbourne

Well I am happy to report that I received my purchase two days after I ordered it. Which was very pleasing I can tell you as I hate waiting! It all arrived in perfect condition. There was no smell or anything unpleasant related to it being packaged up either.

I have really enjoyed sleeping on the topper, it has turned my new and hard mattress into one which is softer (but not too soft) and much more inviting. The fitted sides ensures that the protector stays put during sleeping and whilst changing the sheets. I also haven't found the topper to add any extra heat to the bed which was a concern that I had.

I wasn't initially interested in purchasing new pillows, however as they came as a package deal (and at a good price too) I ordered them. Well I can tell you I am sure glad that I did! I no longer need to sleep on two pillows that slide around the bed and cause me neck pain. These pillows are fantastic, and they stay fluffy and full.

Thanks again it was a pleasure dealing with you. You handled my enquiries promptly and the service I received from you was excellent. And the fact that you actually checked in to make sure I was happy with my purchase is wonderful.

Olivia Stefek, Canberra

mattress or bed topper for the best sleep

I have to tell you, I'm totally amazed with the comfort and quality of sleep that I'm having. It's only been a week of sleeping on the microCloud bed topper and your hotel quality microCloud pillows. But my neck related shoulder pain, that has been causing me grief for a good six months now, is nearly completely gone. Previously I've been using an expensive woollen underlay and high quality latex pillows, but never again. My only regret is not switching over to microCloud bedding earlier.

Leigh Tannenberg, Vic

Congratulations microCloud for such a wonderful pillow! I have been looking for a comfortable pillow for a long time and bought several hoping that I would have a good night's sleep and not wake with neck ache. Disappointingly, all the purchases I made just did not deliver.

But, isn't it marvellous, when you least expect it; there it is. In my recent visit to Sydney little did I suspect that the pillow I was looking for was in my hotel room. Wow, what a great pillow! I'm excited to find such a quality Australian made and designed pillow at such a great price and I am grateful.
Thank you!

Annie M, Moura, Qld

Commercial linen and pillows
The microCloud 'cloud' bedding experience.

Heartfelt thanks for the exceptional, honest customer service and for supplying products that are absolutely the embodiment of your brand name microCloud. Our family are luxuriating in 'the cloud experience ' that is, being enveloped in the pure, natural, luxurious, cosy comfort of the cloud topper, quilt and pillow.
The experience is simply divine, I am thrilled with our great investment and still cannot believe how good your product is. Congratulations to the microCloud Team and once again Hearty Thanks.

Kingdon-Barbosa Family, WA

Hi Tony
Having stayed at the Stamford Plaza in Melbourne recently and enjoying the best night's sleep in such a long time, I am really happy with the pillows used at the hotel. I usually wake up with a bad pain in my neck, but I never woke with any pain during my stay at the Stamford Plaza. The hotel were happy to supply your details so that I may order some of your pillows for personal use at home.

Thanks again.
Sue Fearnley

microCloud pillows used at Stamford Plaza Melbourne
microCloud Hotel Pillows

Hi we have just stayed at a hotel using your microCloud pillows. They are the best pillows I have EVER slept on.

Bonnie McCarthy, Mackay QLD

Just wanted to say thank you !!!! I had THE BEST deepest most restful sleep in years !! I woke feeling amazing !!! I LOVE my new pillow.

Melissa Kean

Hi Tony, Thanks for the (microCloud) pillows they are absolutely great and have eased my wife's neck pain considerably.

Geoff James

I recently bought two pillows and they are brilliant. I was having migraines/headaches every day and haven't had one since.

Karen Storch, QLD

microCloud pillows for the best night's sleep

Thank you so much for the microCloud pillows. I am extremely impressed with them as last night, first time in as long as I can remember, I had a solid sleep and woke up with no shoulder, neck or upper back pain and was completely refreshed and felt alive. I will be recommending them to family and friends.

Nena Pearce, NSW

Just wanted to let you know we absolutely love our microCloud pillows. Definitely the best pillows I've ever purchased. They arrived really quickly too, I was so excited to use them. Thank you so much for your services.

Lauren Bell-Chambers, NSW

microCloud pillows used at Diamant Hotel Brisbane

I slept at the Diamant hotel in Brisbane a few weeks ago and they used your bedding. I have never had a better night's sleep. I'm not great at sleeping and have used at least 20 different pillows including memory foam and some recommended by a chiropractor - none even came close to the comfort of your pillow.

Allison Priolo, Adelaide

I discovered your wonderful pillows after spending the evening at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne. I would love to purchase some for my home and family. I have never experienced such comfort and pure contentment with a pillow.

Kind regards
Susan Copeland-Heath
Mount Martha, VIC

microCloud pillows used at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne
microCloud topper used at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Geelong

My husband and I stayed in Geelong over the weekend. We absolutely loved the pillows and mattress bed topper at our hotel. We both had the most restful and revitalising sleep we have experienced in a very long time.

Barbara P.

We love our new topper, feels like we have a new mattress for 1/10th of the cost, thanks for the personal service and delivery.

Carol Smith, Geelong Vic

microCloud Hotel bathrobe

Just a quick note to say that we received our pillows and the snuggle robe; we couldn't be more pleased. My husband said it is the best pillow he has had in 60 years.

Many thanks for the great service and prompt delivery.

Sonya Mills,

David and I would love to tell you that we are rapt with our new "CLOUD" Mattress topper and have not EVER had a better night's sleep! The pillow we are still fighting over.. :) But I am one of those people who can never find a pillow they like.. but this one is an absolute winner!! There is now no way David is getting his hands on this pillow - I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for your prompt postage and your follow up call. Great service, great product and great value for money!!
We will definitely tell all our friends :)

Cath & David Hopgood,

Commercial  Mattress Topper

The bedding is SUBLIME! It is by far the best investment we have made for our apartment. The comfort of our bed has increased tenfold and we feel we may struggle to sleep in a bed without a microCloud topper now haha.

Kritan Kutti, Sydney

I have received the microCloud queen topper and pillows and........ I LOVE THEM! My poor arthritic hips and back thank you a lot! As a retiree with a fifteen year old daughter (!) I don’t get many “me treats”, and a good night’s sleep is the best present I could get.

Barbara Adams


As I write this testimonial I am happily ensconced in the most wonderful bedding I have ever had. The microCloud topper makes the mattress so much more comfortable and sleep comes so much easier now. The pillows are also a revelation! Thanks very much! .

Rebecca Cohen, Vic

Hi Tony
Thanks for the follow up, would like to say the microCloud topper is fantastic. Really enjoying it on the bed, and the pillows are amazing too.

Dan Elphick, Vic

microCloud bedding endorsement from John Eussen

I can honestly say that I never slept better until I have used microCloud luxury bed products.

John Eussen
Management and Promotions expert
Eussen Pty Ltd

Just wanted to thank you for organising and sending through our mattress topper order so quickly. We received it yesterday and very much enjoyed our first nights sleep on it. I appreciate your prompt responses and your efforts to make the whole ordering process effortless.

Thank you!
Kristy Merchant, Hotel guest

I would thank microCloud for the mattress topper which my husband and I are in awe of! It is divine to sleep on and has made what was a slightly too-firm bed much more luxurious to sleep on. The pillow provided in this package is also absolutely fantastic. Great value for money.

J. McCormack, Victoria

microCloud pillows used at Four Points By Sheraton, Geelong

1/ Pillow:  microCloud pillows have provided our hotel guests and staff with extreme comfort allowing them to sleep the night through without discomfort. The pillows are very supportive to the neck and shoulders and never lose their shape. It's a plump pillow that stays plump.

2/Topper:  Sleeping on a microCloud topper is like sleeping on a cloud. The new skirts around the bottom allow for minimal movement of the topper during the night which makes for a fast and efficient bed making process for all our staff. We love it and our guests love it. It's a winner.

3/Quilts:  microCloud quilts are so lightweight and warm for a great night's sleep in any climate. It's the perfect night's sleep and our hotel is thriving on our guests' new-found comfort.

Laura Schram
Housekeeping Manager
Four Points by Sheraton, Geelong

Received my bed topper and pillows, just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love them and will be recommending them to anyone who will listen! I haven't been so comfortable and relaxed in my bed for years! Thanks again, just love your products.

Jillian Young

We received our (microCloud) topper over a week ago now and were impressed with your free and fast delivery. We just wanted to let you know that we are very happy, the product is lovely and 'sooooooo' soft and comfortable to sleep on, it has definitely made my bed so luxurious. Thanks for your help with everything.

A & K Callaghan, Vic

microCloud Hotel Quality Quilt

Thanks for looking into this matter. I spoke with Carolyn, and you will both be pleased to know that the package arrived safely yesterday (my son tells me that packages usually take a little longer to reach Tasmania). My son is thrilled with his new quilt and beside himself with joy to receive his beautiful pillow. He is already absolutely addicted to that pillow!!! Thank you again for the lovely products. I think it will be my turn next to spoil myself with some microCloud products.

Helen Tillinh

We have been using microCloud bedding for over five years. The underlays (toppers) give extra comfort to any bed and it's good to know we are sleeping on bedding that doesn't attract the bugs! The duvets are light weight and fresh, yet warm enough and particularly great for summer although we use them all year round. Everyone we have recommended or bought these products for, has been exceptionally happy with them also. We immediately discontinued using our expensive down / feather duvets after trying the microCloud duvets.

Victoria Mapp, NSW

best lightest quilt
Mattress Topper for good night's sleep

We received our mattress topper and cover within 2 days of placing our order. Just wanted to let you know it is luxury every night and well worth the investment. Thanks again for your great service and congratulations on an excellent product.

Cath Margieson

Spent a most wonderful night in St. Kilda on your microCloud mattress topper. Coming from the quiet of the country, I did not expect a good night's sleep in the heart of St. Kilda on a Saturday night. But we had the best night's sleep on your topper.


I recently stayed at a hotel which used your mattress toppers. Despite my reservations about what initially seemed to be a 'soft' mattress - something I hate - I actually had the best night's sleep I've had in ages! I'd like to invest in one for my home mattress.

Clare Johnson

microCloud Hotel Mattress Topper used at 8hotels Cosmopolitan Hotel, St Kilda
microCloud Hotel Quality Quilt

We love the quilt. It's soft, lightweight and so cosy. Just what we are looking for, as we hate our heavy wool quilt. The pillows are perfect, not too soft and not too hard. My husband is absolutely in love with them as he initially was looking at getting the goose down pillow. No more sore neck in the morning. We will definitely recommend them to others. Great price for a good night sleep :)


I knew my wife would love it but I thought it might be too hot for me as I'm a warm sleeper. I was wrong, we both love it!

Michael, Victoria

Having worked in several major 5 star hotels in different countries for over 28 years as an Executive Housekeeper and as a Housekeeping consultant to many other different styles of properties for 13 years, I have seen (and used) many different types of pillows. Whilst choosing pillows can be a very personal experience for each person, I can recommend without hesitation the microCloud pillow as the best I have seen in terms of guest comfort and appearance on the bed, as this pillow retains its loft whilst also being easy to maintain and wash. Each pillow comes with a washable cover which is an additional positive feature. I have recommended this pillow to several clients who have been very satisfied whilst also receiving positive guest feedback.

Barbara Sargeant
Housekeeping Consultant, Sargeant Hotel Housekeeping

Commercial linen and pillows