About Us


For over 50 years in Australia, the dedicated team at microCloud has been designing and creating superbly comfortable bedding under a variety of well-known and popular brands. Our diverse clientele, including interior designers, department stores and commercial projects, has ensured that we have been at the forefront of what makes bedding outstanding. The reputation of our lavish Hungarian white goose down quilts – created in a tradition handed down from four generations of European heritage – is a perfect example of how we successfully fulfil our ambitions. Quality without compromise has always been our motto and focus.

microCloud Hotel Pillows

About 19 years ago, a 5 star hotel approached us seeking outstanding commercial bedding at an affordable price. Our extensive research into this market revealed that the quality of bedding was of a low standard with little fulfilment of guests' requirements. This was our catalyst: in 2005 we launched the microCloud range of luxury bedding designed specifically for hotels, resorts, B&B's and other forms of premium accommodation.

Being guest-focused and committed to outstanding results has ensured that microCloud is now the number one niche brand for value and luxury.

In addition, at microCloud providing a friendly and efficient service to properties of any size is just as important as the bedding itself. We pride ourselves on assisting and supporting enquiries from the family-run B&B to the most prestigious of hotels. From soft to complete refurbishments, or simply bedding makeovers, our committed team will strive to assist you at all times with respect and courtesy.

Our Team

Tony Blanch

Tony has over 30 years' international experience in innovation, marketing and a vast range of sophisticated and high-tech textiles and design. His passion for developing a benchmark range of healthy, comfortable and unique bedding, using his vast knowledge, has ensured the success of the microCloud range. By focusing on delighting guests and involving the all-important hotel and accommodation market, the pursuit of excellence in this field remains Tony's number one priority. His dedication has made microCloud – the brand and product range – highly respected and sought after by clients all over Australasia.

Robert Weil

Robert has been involved in high-quality product design, manufacture and innovation in bedding products for over 30 years. As the fourth generation over three centuries to produce quilts, pillows and mattresses in Europe, Robert's experience and attention to detail is invaluable to the microCloud family of products.