microCloud commercial bedding products

microCloud Products

The unique microCloud hotel range consists of:

Offering outstanding value, microCloud commercial bedding is not only delightfully comfortable but also hypoallergenic, odourless, commercially washable, long lasting and free from feathers – attributes considered imperative by the majority of guests.

The microCloud range has achieved exceptionally high standards as a result of our combined 60 years' experience in design and textiles and consultations with executive housekeepers, hotel management and, of course, the all-important guests.

We independently test our products rigorously to ensure that they meet our high standards of supreme guest comfort and satisfaction, and each week we receive positive and glowing guest feedback reflecting our success.

microCloud is a brand proudly distinguished by integrity, outstanding performance, reliability and a passion to delight. We guarantee that our range will turn any bed setting into instant luxury.

Product Review, best pillow award, 2017 & 2020
microCloud unique fibre fill
microCloud unique fibre fill
Breathable and outstanding airflow
Breathable and
outstanding airflow
Machine washable and tumble dry
Machine washable &
tumble dry tested
Hypoallergenic & odourless
Hypoallergenic & odourless
Cruelty free / no animal products
Cruelty free /
no animal products
HealthGuard treated for dust mite resistance
Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified,