Do you have a ‘pillow cupboard’?

Yes? You’re not alone. It’s a real-life struggle. And a common one too.  An endless search for the best pillow leads to a stockpile of unwanted pillows.

Let’s paint the picture…

It’s time to go to bed but also time to select which one of the 20 (that’s right, twenty) pillows you’re going to use.  You go to your pillow cupboard and grab one in haste. Morning comes, and you’ve had yet another disruptive, uncomfortable and shocking night’s sleep.

Sound familiar???


Pillow Cupboard (noun) /ˈpɪləʊ kʌbədis / a storage facility dedicated to keeping the countless number of unsuccessful pillows you’ve purchased, tried, failed and then stored.   

But you’ve kept them all in the hope that one day they’ll come good.

What type of pillows are stored here?

In short, any and all pillows. Prices of pillows kept in this location range from $10 to $200 and come in all shapes, sizes, foams, feathers, latex and the rest. You’ve tried them from department stores, infomercials, Christmas presents and bedding ‘specialists’.

NONE of them are good. Except for taking up space and the occasional pillow fight at your little one’s birthday.

So what’s wrong with them?

This collection suffer from all those common issues. “Went flat after 3 weeks”, “Too hard”,  “No support”, “They smell”, “The feathers give me allergies”, “I woke with a sore neck”. And so it goes.

What is the answer (how do I find the best pillow)?

As a last resort, in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep, you do a Google search.

“HELLLP!  Where can I get a good pillow from?”

Finding our MicroCloud pillow in your search, you realise you can now part ways with all 20 of your pillows and throw them in the bin.

So now, not only are you sleeping well. You have reclaimed back a full cupboard to use in any way that pleases you. Your linen can stop living in the laundry and now have its own dedicated cupboard space.

The opportunities are endless.

Oh, and you’ve told all friends, family and work colleagues how well you’re sleeping because “I have found the BEST pillow”.

It’s time to invest in just ONE pillow that will hold its shape, provide soft luxurious comfort, give your head and neck the support it needs, easy to keep clean, has great airflow to prevent overheating and is hypoallergenic.  The one that all the luxury hotels use for guest comfort.

wake up happy with the best pillow from MicroCloud